Ultra Carnival

Tiles 24" x 24" Thickness 2-1/2" | 4-1/4"

PG60 Grape Ape
PG61 Cherry Blast
PG62 Blueberry Pie
PG63 Sour Apple
PG64 Orange Aide
PG65 Rock Candy
PG66 Caramel Corn
PG67 Funnel Cake

Ultra Safari

Tiles 24" x 24" Thickness 2-1/2" | 4-1/4"

PG50 Midnight
PG51 Rain Drops
PG52 Zappy Zebra
PG53 River Rapids
PG54 Red Rover
PG55 Fire Flies
PG56 Cheetah Gold
PG57 Butterflies


Tiles 24" x 24" Thickness 2-1/2" | 3-3/4"

PG40 Black
PG41 Grey
PG42 Red
PG43 Green

Custom Colors And Logos

Creative and colorful playground markings. Games for fun. Games for learning. It's your imagination. Help stimulate positive behavior and interaction between children. Welcome your visitors with a bright and colorful greeting. The design possibilities are endless with PlayGuard Ultra.

For more information on custom color and logo capabilities, please contact Sports Flooring INC. at 1-877-332-2209